Why Young European Biotech Network?


YEBN works in order to build a bridge between academia and industry, creating tools to help young professionals and last year students to develop themselves at a professional and personal level.

We are especially interested in activities aiming to foster European collaborations and careers in the biotech field in Europe, in giving a voice to young bioleaders concerned by the creation of sustainable impact in our society.

Join us now and become part of our common adventure!


A Europe full of bioleaders working in the constant creation of sustainable development impact in our society.


Develop the new generation of bioleaders, expanding the knowledge, skills and mindset that motivates them to become deeply committed to achieve a sustainable impact in the future.


1. Striking for Collaboration.

2. Following Ethics.

3. Developing Leadership.

4. Activating personal development.

5. Leading networking.

6. Promoting equity in a diverse and inclusive society.

7. Creating international bonds.

Our Aims

1. Provide a European platform for international events and career opportunities.

2. Support young scientists in expanding their network and enhancing their career.

3. Bring academia and Life Science industry closer together.

4. Teach skills young scientists need beyond their studies for being successful.

5. Connect national organisations in Europe for a lively exchange of ideas and experience.