About the Young European Biotech Network YEBN

Who we are

The Young European Biotech Network (YEBN, http://www.yebn.eu/) is a non-profit organization for students and young scientists of the life science sector. It is the umbrella organization of different national student associations. It provides a Europe-wide platform promoting the exchange between young scientists and between its member organizations. We inform our member organizations about European programs and carrier possibilities and help them, to get in contact with other organizations.  

YEBN was founded in 2002 as a Limited in the UK and changed to a German non-profit association (eingetragener Verein e.V.) in 2016. The first YEBN Round Table took place in Stuttgart in September 2016 together with btS, LSZYSN, Synapse and NGB . 

Our Members
Our members include national organizations (Institutional Members, IMs), who lists young life scientists, students, and established professionals in biotechnology and biology-related fields. Each organization contributes to the richness of YEBN by bringing unique expertise, people, talent and a sprinkle of personality. Our current institutional members are:

btS (biotechnologische Studenteninitiative Germany,~ 1041 members

CBI (Club Biotech) Austria, ~ 20 members

NGB (Nouvelle Génération des Biotechnologistes) France, ~ 30 members

Together with institutional members, YEBN welcomes the membership of every individual (Individual Member, InM) willing to network with other scientists all over Europe and to unravel the opportunities offered by international collaborations at European level. To become an Individual Member, please contact the EB: eb[at]yebn.eu

Our aims
YEBN concentrate the its own activity to fulfill the following key objectives:

    1. provide a European platform for international events and career opportunities
    2. support young scientists in expanding their network and enhancing their career
    3. bring academia and Life Science industry closer together
    4. teach skills young scientists need beyond their studies for being successful
    5. connect national organizations in Europe for a lively exchange of ideas and experience

How we do it
We organize meetings and events to bring together young opinion leaders, mainly from our Institutional Members. Through physical as well as e-meetings, we exchange valuable information concerning new and ongoing initiatives, possible collaborations, best practices.

Where necessary, we initiate cooperations between our members to tackle current relevant challenges.We promote the start-up of affiliated Project Groups (PGs) that works on one specific project. The project must promote the YEBN values expressed in the Statute. The main areas of the initiatives are, but not limited to: information, career and public engagement. Any YEBN member can start a project and being supported by the organization.

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