You are a student? and you want to gain experience in a company? This article is for you! From the search of an internship to the interview, we collected the key elements for a successful application to become an intern in a biotech company!


*Why to do an internship in a company as an undergraduate?

*How to find an internship in a company

*Scholarships for internships in European industries

*Application process

*Prepare for the interview


Why to do an internship in a company as an undergraduate?

The Young European Biotech Network promotes industry experience among students of the Life Sciences. Internships can establish close ties between a budding researcher and a industrial company. Building up trust and sympathy is very important for future success in initiating and maintaining collaborations and employment.

An international survey performed by the YEBN´s Careers in Life Sciences Team (CiLS) indicates these positive effects: Scientists who had performed internships in companies said that this positively (45%) or very positively (48%) influenced their interest in the company’s work. In return, 37 % of the companies offered interns a full position1,2.

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1 Challenges of Life Science-based Innovation in Europe. A position paper by the Young European Biotech Network, Young European Biotech Network, 2013

2 Careers in the Life Sciences Survey , unpublished, Young European Biotech Network


How to find an internship in a company?

There are several possibilities to find an internship. The internship TG advices you to go to lectures and forums organized by Universities and organizations. We encourage you to talk to the speakers during coffee breaks. If your conversation partner is a recruiter, take his e-mail address and office phone number; otherwise ask for the details of the right person to get in contact with.

Another opportunity getting contact with companies is to talk about your project with your professors. They often have connection to companies and older students (through the student network, they may already work in a company) and may help you.


Useful company maps

This map is focused on European countries in the life science field. Advice: zoom on the country/area of your interest to visualize all companies (e.g. Switzerland where dots are not visible without a zoom).

Alphabetic ordered list of Pharmaceutical companies in Europe.

Map with worldwide companies, possibility to select companies using defined criteria.


Scholarships for internships in European industries

Sartorius,  an international supplier company of laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment, has a special offer for students from science or engineering which already have a bachelor`s degree and are registered in a master`s program in Germany or India.  This so called scholarship program enables students with excellent grades at studies to gain early professional experience in industry during their master studies. Students are offered a monthly financial grant for their master`s program, an internship or master`s thesis at Sartorius Group all accompanied by a personal mentor. Next to professional experience in science they also have the possibility to get familiar with project management or communication f. ex., in training seminars at Sartorius.

Applicants need to submit a motivation letter, a résumé (CV), a letter of reference from his/her professor, furthermore job references or testimonials online at . Being successful you are invited for Sartorius`assessment center.


Application process

Your application can be speculative or related to an offer.

Advice:  If you already meet the person to whom you address the application, remind him the meeting date, place and circumstances.


How to write a successful CV?

Prepare a complete CV with a maximum of two pages and remove the non-relevant information according to the position you are applying. We advise you to use the Europass CV instructions and templates available in 28 languages:

Have also a look on the different examples:


How to write a cover letter?

This article gives you advices about the writing of a well written cover letter:

If you want to include you cover letter directly in an e-mail, refer to this guide:


Prepare for the interview

Often interested recruiters invite you for a so called ‘cold call’. Don’t panic!

This a useful guide for the interview cold call :

Advices for the “face to face” interview:

The 5 top asked questions:

How to dress in 10 steps:



Paid or unpaid internship?

We also recommend you to read this extremely interesting article:


This article has been written by the internship TG:

For further questions, please contact them.

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