The European Animal Research Association (EARA) is an organization that communicates and advocates biomedical research using animals. By providing accurate and evidence-based information of biomedical animal research, EARA informs and educates audiences in support of necessary research and facilitates a balanced debate on the role of animals in scientific research. To enhance animal welfare standards and introduce the concepts of refinement, replacement and reduction (‘3Rs’) across the EU, European Directive 2010/63/EU has been put in place since 2010. Under this Directive, animals may be used in research where the potential medical, veterinary and scientific benefits are compelling and there is no viable alternative method. In occasion of the release of the annual statistical report on animal research, the 10th of November EARA will publish its statement in support of this Directive. For further information on EARA, please, see


Global Biotech Revolution

Global Biotech Revolution & GapSummit GBR is a not-for-profit that connects biotech think-tanks, industrial leaders and research pioneers to young bio-leaders of tomorrow. GBR is solely led by young passionate and engaged researchers, students and professionals from across the world. We engage key stakeholders through physical and online platforms that initiate and build future global conversations and collaborations. GBR’s flagship event is the GapSummit, the world’s first inter-generational inter-cultural leadership summit in biotechnology. In the 3-day summit the leaders of tomorrow will be discussing the current global bio-economy, the grand challenges biotech can solve by 2050. For further information see


NaturalScience_Logo_Final (2)NaturalScience.Careers is a portal for seminars, coaching and information with specialisations for natural scientists, career starters and women at work (they originate from the three years older company ScienceMums). They are natural scientists with industry experience ourselves and understand where you´re coming from and where you want to go.


Naturejobs career expoNJCE-2016-(London) (2)The Naturejobs Career Expo is a global career fair and conference series exclusively for the scientific community. Register and attend the Expo for free in London – September 16, 2016 or Düsseldorf – November 18, 2016. The expo offers talented researchers an excellent opportunity to meet a diverse selection of national and international employers from academic institutions and scientific industries, such as pharmaceutical organizations, digital technology companies, science publishing and more. Besides insightful conference sessions and workshops, your CV can be reviewed by experts.

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