Position Paper: Challenges of Life Science-based Innovation in Europe

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About the position paper

Despite the wealth of research data published, too few Life Science-based innovations are presently developed. Investment into Life Science research has led to a fundamental increase in knowledge over the last decades. Almost a million newly published articles were added to the biomedical database Pubmed in 2012 alone. Yet, patients are still waiting for new cures, plastics and toxins are still accumulating in the environment, and bacteria develop multi-resistance against antibiotics.

In this position paper, obstacles are highlighted that constrict the transformation of Life Science knowledge into products and applications. We, the Young European Biotech Network (YEBN), propose solutions that could help to overcome these obstacles.

    click on title to download the 4-page summary: Challenges of Life Science-based innovation – Executive summary

    click on title to download full position paper:  Challenges of Life Science-based innovation in Europe

Dialogue & Feedback

This position paper is intended to encourage a dialogue among the Life Science community and relevant stakeholders. The aim of this dialogue is to establish best practices for the creation and usage of Life Science knowledge with the greatest benefit for European society.

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