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YEBN GA 2018 (December 2018,Köln, Germany)


YEBN Round Table 2017 (September 2017,Frankfurt, Germany)

Second Round Table of the YEBN


YEBN Round Table 2016 (May 2016, Germany)

Currently YEBN is working on the organization of a Round Table, which will take place on 28th May 2016 and will be followed by our Annual Meeting on 29th May 2016. The Round Table will probably take place in Bochum. YEBN will invite approximately 50 people (the individual places will be distributed by our IMs) to attend an exciting program consisting of talks and workshops. Several workshops are given by our IMs and will cover topics such as sponsoring, event management, project management, member acquisition strategies, motivating members and internal/external communication strategies. Moreover, invited speakers will introduce different job perspectives in the life sciences and e.g. give advice how to found your own Start-Up. We want to use this occasion also to invite Biotech and Life Science organizations which are not yet part of YEBN to introduce themselves as a prospective YEBN member.


IMG_0406YEBN LtD goes YEBN e.V. (November 2015, Germany)

YEBN was founded as e.V. (registered association) in Germany which now needs to be confirmed by the financial office Lübeck to become legally valid. btS (Germany), Club Biotech (Austria), NGB (France), the old executive board of YEBN and the new one signed the statutes. 




IMG-20151113-WA0001UIA Associations Round Table Europe (November 2015, Belgium)

Diverse organizations all over Europe met all together to discuss management and administrative questions and to share experiences (




Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) (2014)

At ESOF2014, YEBN’s Innovation Task Group took up the challenge to organize and conduct a science-2-Business session on “Unconventional Science Innovators”, featuring three enthusiastic young scientific innovators from across Europe. Juan Diego Cordón Toledano (CEO of Grupo Hesperides Biotech, Spain), Eimear O’Carroll (CCO of Restored Hearing, Ireland) and Nicolas Frédéric Delahaye (expert scientist and intrapreneur at GSK Vaccines, Belgium) captivated the audience with their stories of successful innovation, combining scientifically motivated ideas with an explicit willingness to implement change. Find more information on page 3 and 4 of the Newsletter issue October 2014.


Intercultural Communication Training (2012 in Vienna, Austria)

Did you ever come across a situation where you collaborated with a scientist from another country and it did not go as smoothly as hoped? One possible explanation might be misunderstandings rooted in different cultural backgrounds. In order to raise awareness of possible implications of cultural differences on communication and to train communication skills, YEBN and its institutional members ASSB (Poland), btS (Germany), Club Biotech (Austria), FEBiotec (Spain) and NGB (France) offered a workshop on “Intercultural communication among young scientists” (ICAYS).

Youth Conference ‘European Life Science Careers’ (2012 in Berlin, Germany)                                                                     

More than 100 participants of 17 different nationalities were attending this career conference. Talks covered topics like careers in industry, industrial PhD programmes, EURAXESS and scientific innovation through entrepreneurship. In parallel to workshops about Interview training, communication and strategic career planning workshops, participants had the opportunity to discuss with experts how to effectively translate research findings into applications and products. Add a sentence to position paper and link: during this event YEBN organized two workshop to think about innovation in life science, which leaded to the position paper.


European Industrial PhD Programme Survey (2009)
In 13 EU c and Switzerland industrial PhD programmes offer 1400 students a link between academia and industry to increase their employability and to foster excellent innovation as well as research and development. The idea behind the iPhD project was to facilitate the development of PhD programmes in industry and to allow the knowledge exchange between existing programmes.



Youth Conference ‘European Life Science Careers’ (2009 in Frankfurt, Germany)

During the first Youth Conference on European Careers in Life Sciences, 30 young scientists from different European countries met stakeholders from academia, companies and the European Commission with the aim to tackle major obstacles on the career paths of young scientists. Action proposals were formulated in form of a White Paper, which was widely disseminated between European and national agencies, life science companies and student bodies.

BioTech LifeLong Learning network (BTL3) (2007-2008)

LifeLong learning (LLL) is defined by the European Commission as “all learning activity undertaken throughout life, with the aim of improving knowledge, skills and competence, within a personal, civic, social and/or employment-related perspective.” Through BTL3 project is build a partnership between IMs and other organizations interested in providing their members with continuous up-to-date knowledge and thus wishing to improve this offer by creating synergies at a European Level. A complete program is structured in two branches in order to address both scientific skills (by wet courses and high tech experimental activities) and complementary skills (career oriented and broadening theoretical courses such as communication, business plan, CV writing etc.).

Careers in Life Sciences Survey (CiLS) (2005-2006)

The CiLS project was a systematic assessment of skills, experiences and mobility for a career in  Lif Sciences. By surveying almost 600 participants – consisting of young scientists and potential employers – the project group identified those skills and qualifications that enterprises value when hiring young life scientists.



Biopop (2005-2006)

A pilot projec of science communication ran Biopop Consortium featuring participation, dialogue and shared decisions between young scientists and citizens. Financed under the 6th Framework Programme by the European Commission, the first ever of the kind granted to a group of young professionals. The consortium linked together a consistent number of national organisations of young biotechnologists and biotech students of important member and candidate countries of the European Union. The group has established relationships in promoting the access of young scientists to European collaborators. The participants were already largely experienced in communicational activities both at a national scale and in European scenario, where they demonstrated the ability to collaborate and mobilize a notable mass of young people, and were active and motivated in engaging fruitful dialogue with all kinds of stakeholders. The organisations, on a smaller scale and with different approaches, organised local meetings concerned with public communication of science successfully involving national institutions and media. Some of the participant’s partners successfully organised international meetings with the presence of representatives of the most important European organisations and of the EU Commission. For these reasons, even being young people, they fruitfully combined their complementary experiences in management of public events, involvement of media and institutions, and dissemination of the activities’ results at a European level. Find out more about BIOPOP.

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