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YEBN is managed by the Executive Board (EB) which is elected during the Annual Meeting by our Institutional Members (IMs). Although YEBN is a huge network, we want you to feel close enough to contact us freely (contact(at)

Executive Board 2019/2020

From left to right: Paulina Kaminska, Alexandra Nothnagel, Alexandre Bretel, Ismael Ávila, Jordina Balaguer, Zu Qi Teo and Amina Frese.

Chairman: Ismael Ávila
Vice-Chairwoman : Alexandra Nothnagel
Secretary : Zu Qi Teo
Treasurer : Amina Frese
Communication Officer: Jordina Balaguer
Network Officer: Alexandre Bretel
Events Officer: Paulina Kaminska

Executive Board 2018/2019

Chairwoman : Alexandra Nothnagel

Vice-Chair : Ismael Avila

Secretary : Guillaume Beaumont

Treasurer : Andrea Grego

Communication Officer: Amina Frese

Executive Board 2017/2018

Hey! I am Patrick Marx current Chairman of YEBN e.V.. Currently, I am the third year of my PhD at the Forschungszentrum Jülich (research center Jülich) in Germany. I studied Biochemistry in Greifswald (Bachelor) and Düsseldorf (Master). YEBN fills, in my opinion, a vital role in communication between different national/local organizations for biotechnology as well as with industry. I aim to strengthen and extend the international exchange between students in different countries since I believe that scientific exchange is the basis of efficient work in life sciences.

Hi! I am Lucie Maubert, Biotech Engineer and the new Vice Chair of the YEBN. I believe that European collaboration is more important than ever, and that we grow by working together. With the Young European Biotech Network I hope to build bridges, and help students and young professionals to connect, meet, and share experiences!

My name is Julia Sanwald and I am a PhD student in the 3rd year. As secretary and vice-treasurer of YEBN, I am going to keep track of the Executive Board meetings and the finances. I work in the field of biology at the Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, Germany. I joined YEBN because I love the idea of bringing students and young professionals from all over Europe together.

I am editor of the YEBN Newsletter 2018/2019.

Hello, I am Andrea Grego, the treasurer of YEBN.  Currently working as a biotech 1st year PhD student at research center Jülich, I am very passionate about the promotion of professional networking for scientists that can meet at different places in the world to exchange about their projects and find collaboration partners. Therefore, I will represent the YEBN in november 2018 at the ENABLE conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Hi everybody. I am Generoso Ianniciello, Italian biologists and junior Product Manager in a new and promising e-commerce platform in the field of Biotechnology. Believing that good connections are the most powerful way to make people’s dreams come true, I joined YEBN with the purpose to help YEBN building that network and make it available to the new young biotech players. I am YEBN’s Sponsorship Officer.

Hello! I am Alexandra Nothnagel, a German Biochemist and the Event and Networking Officer of the YEBN.
Creating a widespread and diverse professional network is one key to innovation, success and sustainability for the European Life Science and Biotechnology community. Let’s cross our national borders and be creative together enriching the European community with our diversity of visions, knowledge and local networks.

Executive Board 2016/2017

Join the young European platform to share and build up your career!
Mathilde Bichelberger

Nationality: French


Activities taken part: Internship Task Group

‘I believe that an active involvement into the European biotech network will broaden our horizon und boost our career. Indeed sharing experiences and information in a multicultural environment is extremely enriching. I decided to contribute to YEBN in order to strengthen the communication between the different national partners in order to enhance their strengths and face their issues. Together young scientists are stronger! For me it is a pleasure to organize events, share ideas and contribute to the young society of scientists we are!’

Mathilde is a PhD Student in Nanobiotechnology at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany. She has started to get involved first in NGB as career manager. Then she has been actively involved in the organization of the Comm4biotech 2 congress in life science communication, in collaboration with the German organization btS (Nov. 2013). End of 2013 Mathilde joined the YEBN as the group leader of internship tasks which aims to facilitate students to get an internship in a company. Then she was secretary of the YEBN (December 2014 – May 2015).


Let us work together for progress and success.
Janina Juengert

Nationality: German


Activities taken part: Internship Task Group

‘Finding and deciding for a job nowadays is not easy. By getting involved in YEBN I would like to help strengthening the network between young European scientists and help students and young job seekers to find their career path. YEBN is a great junction for young biotechnologists from all over Europe. It gives people from different places the opportunity to learn from each other and work towards shared objectives.’

Janina is a PhD student at the Institute for Microbiology in Stuttgart. During her master studies at the ESBS (2012-2014) she joined NGB as a member of the career group. She was actively involved in organizing the congress Comm4biotech2 in 2013: A congress about communication in life sciences in collaboration with the btS. In May 2015 she joined YEBN as the secretary.


Meet YEBN, the experience to share knowledge and getting inspired from other motivating people!!

Ismael Avila
Communication officer

Nationality: Spanish

Activities taken part: Communication Task Group

‘YEBN institutional members develop an amazing work organizing local events to inform and support young biotechs and also to engage the general public with biotechnology, but I think YEBN must play an important role on communication and guidance so we can all feel a sense of belonging and aim that our effort might contribute to something global. I can make comunication one of my strongest contributions to YEBN. I believe that strengthening our communication can only result on benefits for everyone; we’ll have a greater flow of ideas and knowledge that will create new opportunities. YEBN has been developing an amazing work broadening students and young professional minds’ and informing them of all the opportunities they have and even creating new ones! We should never stop doing this as I believe that is our best contribution.’

Ismael is a student of the last year of Biotechnology (mayor) in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Ismael has good skills in information management and experience as a project manager of different student activities.


YEBN is an absolutely inspiring and motivating experience with a lot of flair from abroad.

Janine Jung
Sponsoring officer and Vice-treasurer

Nationality: German

IM: bts

Activities taken part: Sponsoring task group

‘Through my work as a btS member I realized how much fun it is to get involved with people sharing the same interests. And since it is nowadays becoming more and more important to acquire soft skills during your studies and to think outside of the box, nothing seems easier than connecting young dynamic people to bundle their energy to accomplish projects that fit our own (career) needs.’

Janine did an apprenticeship as a Biology Laboratory Technician at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), followed by a Bachelor in ‘Applied Biology’. Currently, she is studying ‘Molecular Biosciences’ with Major ‘Cancer Biology’ (Master of Science) at the University of Heidelberg, a master program taught in cooperation with the German Cancer Research Center. Janine joined the YEBN as an Executive Board Member in May 2015.


The journey can be long, but we just need to go ahead.
IMG_20131108_154912Maria Cano Chaichio
Secretary and Treasurer

Nationality: Spanish

IM: FeBiotec

Activities taken part: Communication Task Group

“Dynamic, active and enthusiastic: Three adjectives that describe YEBN. The power of a young network is very strong and it contributes to share opinions, information and experiences. YEBN also increases the opportunities to experience the real scientific world and gain boarded perspective of the various possibilities. The Biotechnology degree is still relatively new so, as a biotechnologist, I think that it is necessary to support its professionalization, provide more information about its background and encourage young students to focus on the importance of Biotechnology in Europe.”

After completing her Bachelor of Biotechnology in 2014 at Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville (Spain), Maria did an internship at Duisburg-Essen University (Germany). Currently, she is studying a Master Programm called EnvEuro-Solid, Water and Biodiversity at University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart (Germany).


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