Task Groups (TG)

Current Active Task Groups

Communication TG

Currently liderated by Jordina Balaguer, the Communication TG was established in January 2005 and is responsible for the YEBN newsletter as well as for our webpage and social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). The TG establishes strategies for the internal and external communication of YEBN.

Network TG

Currently liderated by Amèlie Chane, the Network TG was established in  2017 and is responsible for the YEBN relations with individual and institutional members. The aim of the Network TG is to establish contact with the stakeholders in Europe that have a relation with life sciences and scientists. It means tasks like contacting old and new putative sponsors, universities, associations, companies with the aim of spreading the word about YEBN and identifying collaboration aims to do activities together.

Events TG

Currently liderated by Bartek Wierzba, the aim of the Events TG is generate and collaborate in events to encourage young life scientists to ‘think outside of the box’ and to practice how to be creative and innovative always generating value that could be transferred to the society.

Past Task Groups

Career Development TG

The Career Development TG was established in August 2011 with the aim to organise an international career conference for YEBN. The TG successfully applied for funding from the Youth in Action EU program and was able to offer workshops, CV checks, discussions and lectures. The conference program covered topics such as PhD programs, Life Science-based innovation, jobs in Industry, patenting, working abroad and career development in general. The ‘Youth Conference on European Life Science Careers ‘ took place in October 2012 in Berlin, Germany.

Innovation TG

The Innovation TG was established in December 2013 as a spin-off from the Career Development TG. This TG aims at addressing the challenges that Life Science-based innovations will need to overcome in order to persist in today’s knowledge economy. To learn more check out our position paper. The aim of the Innovation TG is to encourage young life scientists to ‘think outside of the box’ and to practice how to be creative and innovative.


Internship TG

The Innovation TG was established in December 2013 and aims at encouraging and supporting students in finding an internship in industry or academia in Europe. The focus of the TG is to build an interactive map showing industry hot spots as well as opportunities for summer scholarships in academia. We also collect information about the rights of interns in different countries. To find out how to apply for an internship or job in a company read we recommend reading this article.

Sponsoring & Marketing TG

The Sponsoring & Marketing TG was established in November 2012. This TG is dedicated to identify and contact potential partners and sponsors of YEBN and present the mission and activities of YEBN. Moreover, the TG works together with the Communication TG on strategies how to present YEBN.

You want to learn more about the individual TGs or to get involved in one of them? Maybe you have an idea for a new TG? Then don’t hesitate to write an email to the YEBN EB.

You don’t know how to have enough time for your studies, YEBN activities and other hobbies? You can find helpful advice in our Time Management article.