Spanish Biotech Annual Congress 9th-11th July in Barcelona

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From 9th to 11th July, Barcelona will become the capital city of Spanish Biotechnology. The 8th Biotech Annual Congress of the Spanish Federation of Biotechnologists (FEBiotec) – BAC 2014 will open its doors to the most innovative science, welcoming more than 250 professionals and students from all over Europe.

After the success of the last editions in Seville and Madrid, BAC 2014 is organized by FEBiotec and the Catalan Association of Biotechnologists (ASBTEC), an IM of FEBiotec. Keynote speakers will be prestigious researchers such as Prof. Maria Blasco, director of the National Centre for Oncologic Research; Prof Jean Weissenbach, pioneer of genome sequencing and Prof. Werner Arber, co-discoverer of restriction enzymes and Nobel Laureate for Physiology in 1978. The programme contains three parallel lines of talks: science popularization (for junior students and non-scientists), research and biotech industry, respectively, ensuring that each attendant will find an appropriate forum for his/her interests.

Additionally, attendants of BAC 2014 will not only have the possibility to enjoy the talks of the scientific programme, but will also be able to attend one of many courses, including project management, flux cytometry or the visit of the most relevant research centres in Barcelona, such as the Centre of Genomic Regulation or the synchrotron ALBA.

Registrations for BAC 2014 are still open! Amplify your ideas in Barcelona – BAC 2014!

Author: Arturo Blázquez Navarro

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