New executive board 2015-2016

After our annual meeting on the 9th of May 2015 in Gdansk (Poland) we are happy to announce the composition of the new executive board:


  Contact person for following IM:
Chairwoman Mathilde ClubBiotech
Vice-chairwoman Kamila ASSB
Secretary Janina NGB
Communication officer and treasurer Carmen YSN
Sponsoring officer and vice-treasurer Janine btS

We will soon announce further outcomes of this annual meeting.

We all are looking forward for this year with YEBN.

Mathilde, Kamila, Carmen, Janine and Janina



Joanna (ASSB), Szymon (ASSB), Kamila (YEBN EB), Andreas (BtS), David (YSN), Carmen (YEBN EB), Martin (YSN) and Katharina (former YEBN EB) took part in this very productive annual meeting in Gdansk.

Annual meeting Danzig.

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