Book recommendation (in German)

Philipp Gramlich Karin Bodewits 2 (1)

You feel a bit lost with all the career choices you have to make? Then this career guide (only in German) written by Karin Bodewits, Andrea Hauk and Philipp Gramlich might help: ‘Karriereführer für Naturwissenschaftlerinnen – Erfolgreich im Berufsleben’

The book offers advice specifically tailored for female natural scientists. The four parts of this book tackle all topics relevant to find your dream job, to get it and to succeed in it as a woman- with or without kids:

– Where do I want to go: PhD/postdoc or not, university- industry- or one of many other career options?

– How to get your dream job: application and interview.

– In the job: challenges for you as starter and as woman.

– Family and career.

The book is kept lively with some descriptive drawings, info boxes and real life examples. All three authors are natural scientists and parents themselves and can thus draw from their own experiences to enrich the book.

Some opinions from the press:

The book is easily readable due to its laid-back and humorous style. („Das Lesen des Buches fällt durch den lockeren und humorvollen Schreibstil leicht.“) Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung- Personaljournal

Due to its humorous and personal writing style, I am getting the feeling to be consulted by a trusted and experienced friend. (“Durch den humorvollen und persönlichen Schreibstil bekomme ich das Gefühl, wie von einer vertrauten, erfahrenen Freundin beraten zu werden.“) vbio

In the „Karriereführer“, there is something for everyone, regardless of whether you are still studying or if you are in a re-orientation phase in your professional life. (“Im Karriereführer ist für jede was dabei, egal ob noch im Studium oder während einer Neuorientierung im Beruf.“) TU München, FS Biowissenschaften