Our Team

Executive Board 2020/2021

YEBN is managed by the Executive Board (EB) which is elected during the Annual Meeting by our Institutional Members (IMs). Although YEBN is a huge network, we want you to feel close enough to contact us freely (contact(at)yebn.eu).

From first to last:

Chairman: Ismael Ávila
Vice-Chairwoman : Alexandra Nothnagel
Secretary : Ela Gralinska
Treasurer : Amina Frese
Communication Officer: Oriol Bárcenas
Network OfficerAlexandre Bretel
Events OfficerValentina Zinna

Task Groups – TG

Communication TG

Currently liderated by Jordina Balaguer, the Communication TG was established in January 2005 and is responsible for the YEBN newsletter as well as for our webpage and social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). The TG establishes strategies for the internal and external communication of YEBN.

Network TG

Currently liderated by Amèlie Chane, the Network TG was established in  2017 and is responsible for the YEBN relations with individual and institutional members. The aim of the Network TG is to establish contact with the stakeholders in Europe that have a relation with life sciences and scientists. It means tasks like contacting old and new putative sponsors, universities, associations, companies with the aim of spreading the word about YEBN and identifying collaboration aims to do activities together.

Events TG

Currently liderated by Bartek Wierzba, the aim of the Events TG is generate and collaborate in events to encourage young life scientists to ‘think outside of the box’ and to practice how to be creative and innovative always generating value that could be transferred to the society.