Meet the Executive Board YEBN members. Guillaume Beaumont, Secretary of the YEBN

This month we interview our Secretary. As always we ask him about his feelings in the YEBN, his professional career and we also are going to discover a little more Guillaume at personal level.

Guillaume Beaumont started in the YEBN the past December 2018 occuping the position of Secretary. He is studying Bioinformatics Engineering and currently he is working as a Java and Python developer.

Now is the moment to start with the questions time! Here we go!

  • First of all Guillaume we want to know a little more about your role in the YEBN and about your feelings. Firs question, how did you find your way to YEBN?

I was invited by Alexandra Nothnagel to join the association, knowing her as a job colleague.

  • Please explain a little what do you care about at YEBN and what are your goals with YEBN?

For the moment, I’m mostly in charge with the meeting organization and reporting. But I care about YEBN for its amazing power to assemble and influence people together. I have no particular goal with YEBN, but if so I would probably say to make the association great again ^^.

  • It is nice! By the way, we also want to know a little bit more about what are you working in your current job as a Java and Python developer?

I’m not working on one specific particular subject, and that would be the principal interest in my job ^^. I mostly program tools for clients asking them, in Java, Python, and some other languages. What I seek there is to practice and improve my programming skills, which would be useful later then, if I return to Bioinformatic someday ^^.

  • When you studied your degree what was your favorite task in the lab? Was there a task in the lab that you dislike?

My favorite task would be to make funny jokes with colleagues, especially when they are in the most delicate and concentrated focused moments ^^’.

My worst task would be to clean the lab and dishes because of the previous funny joke… Erh, no sense of humor.

  • Now, it is the time to meet you a little more closer about your personality. Are you ready? Please let us know your lab humorous cartoons which fits your character the most 🙂 I think I am going to guess it!
  • Hahahahaah, I really liked it the second one. And I remember perfectly the first one because we choosed for the creation of a bag for all of us to remember our university class, what times! And, now I am thinking in something interesting, what would your job be if you wouldn’t work in life sciences?

Cat. I think cats have the most awesome job in the world. Hey, they already dominate it! Let’s check some internet memes…

  • Hahah, good one! Meeeeu What do you do in your free time?

Public travel transportation… The joy for a Paris lifestyle. Next!

  • Did you ever live/study/work abroad? Where? Please share your experience.

University of Pharmacology, Helsinky, Finland. I loved it, and would love to travel again. I learned more during those three months than in years. So much energy and motivation, I enjoyed it a lot!

  • What are your plans (hopes/goals) for the future? Would you rather work in academia or industry?

This one is tricky, because even with goals, I already had to adapt and change it quite often. It changes in the snaps of seconds! For the moment, I’m gaining experience, practice and skills with tools and languages I may use for some further goal. Who knows? I may become astronaut someday. Is SpaceX recruiting right now?

  • Would you like to live abroad again and if yes, where and why?

Yes. I would like, but I don’t know where, how, and to live friends and family is… difficult… As for why, it’s mostly for the wondrous life experience we get, and I think that it is the perfect time as we are still young, single and motivated. After, it may be too late… Carpe diem, have no regrets!

  • Which is the most important thing you’ve learned until now and that you would give as an advice to others?

I think that in this modern society, judgement from others is too much important, and even too essential sometimes. I found that to keep my goals, without hearing advices from frightened or misjudging people was more worth, and to take risk granted me great things. My advice would be to not hear advice, hear your own inner voice. Except this advice… Erh, I’m in an infinite paradoxal loop!!

  • Okey, that’s it. So thank you for your time, and we hope to interview you soon for the upcoming project YEBN has 🙂