New European YEBN Executive Board elected in 2019

During the last annual meeting (Barcelona, 1st, 2nd and 3rd November 2019) the new Executive Board was elected. Let’s have a glimpse of what they have in mind and what they have worked on since they are in charge. 

The new Board is composed by Ismael Ávila (President) from Spain, Alexandra Nothnagel (Vice President) from Germany, Zu Qi Teo (Secretary) from France, Amina Frese (Treasurer) from the United Kingdom, Alexandre Bretel (Network Officer) from France, Jordina Balaguer (Communication Officer) from Spain and Paulina Kaminska (Events Officer) from Poland.

From left to right: Paulina Kaminska, Alexandra Nothnagel, Alexandre Bretel, Ismael Ávila, Jordina Balaguer, Zu Qi Teo and Amina Frese.