New YEBN 2020 Strategy

During the last annual meeting (Barcelona, 1st, 2nd and 3rd November 2019) the YEBN members attendes had the opportunity to be inspired from different senior meetings and get the fundamentals to start working in the new strategy creation with a very common idea shared between all members: “create impact in our society through the professional and personal development of the young professionals and young from degrees and PhDs”. In the picture Montse Daban, giving a talk about the importance of the impact creation.

The new Executive Board elected was in charge to generate the new vision, mission, values and the strategic axis.


A Europe full of bioleaders working in the constant creation of sustainable development impact in our society.


Develop the new generation of bioleaders expanding the knowledge, skills and mindset that motivates them to become deeply committed to achieve a sustainable impact in the future.


Striving for Collaboration

Following Ethics

Developing Leadership

Activating personal development

Leading networking

Promoting equity in a diverse and inclusive society

Creating international bonds

The 5 strategic axis of the YEBN for the 2020

YEBN acts as a catalyst and provides a platform for access and exchange of information and communication about the 5 axes: access to advanced Education, Access to Information & Communications, Health & Wellness, Inclusiveness, Environmental Quality. YEBN, IMs and Regional Boards are going to develop events and partnerships that create impact in these 2020 Strategic Axes, keeping in mind that in the center of all actions is to strengthen YEBN, their and partners and institutions with these aims and foster innovation and better infrastructure aiming to achieve these goals. 

The YEBN foundational Statutes

The YEBN continues being commited with its foundational aim that the Statutes have:

The YEBN is in charge of (Statutes, Article 1.3)

  1. The organisation of international meetings for students and young scientists in the Biotechnology and Life Sciences as well as for their national and regional associations.
  2. The provision of information about career development and job opportunities inside and outside of academia for students and young scientists.
  3. The provision of information about international support and scholarship programmes for students and young scientists as well as for their national and regional associations. 
  4. The provision of a platform for Life Sciences and Biotechnology students and young professionals in Europe for them to connect and work together on an international level, as well as to voice their mutual opinion on an international level.
  5. The provision of information and training about intercultural communication and tolerance
  6. The exchange of best practice and training of leadership skills, professional as well as ethical conduct and social responsibility in order to strengthen of existing and to promote the founding of new voluntary organisations.  
  7. The training of innovative thinking to fully leverage the potential of Biotechnology and the Life Sciences for the benefit of society

The YEBN Task Groups. Get active at a European level!

The YEBN Strategy propose three active tasks groups to work in communication, events and network. Every Task Group have been created and the current leaders are:

Oriol Bárcenas, Communication Task Group Leader

Oriol Bárcenas, Communication Task Group Leader

The aim of the Communication TG is to communicate at internal and external level the activities the YEBN is generating and to search activities that could be interesting for the members of the YEBN network.

Bartek Wierzba, Events Task Group Leader

Bartek Wierzba, Events Task Group Leader

The aim of the Events TG is generate and collaborate in events to encourage young life scientists to ‘think outside of the box’ and to practice how to be creative and innovative always generating value that could be transferred to the society.

Amèlie Chane, Network Task Group Leader

Amèlie Chane, Network Task Group Leader

The aim of the Network TG is to establish contact with the stakeholders in Europe that have a relation with life sciences and scientists. It means tasks like contacting old and new putative sponsors, universities, associations, companies with the aim of spreading the word about YEBN and identifying collaboration aims to do activities together (aim 17 of SDG).