New YEBN sinergy event: “Biofuture Meets You”

The YEBN and the University of Barcelona Pharmacy Students Association, AEF-UB, organized the 29th of October 2019: Biofuture Meets You! An event included inside the “access to advanced education axis”.

This event that took place in the UB Faculty of Pharmacy was an inspirational event for all of the people interested in Biotechnology, Pharmacy, its linking fields and the present and future of Biosciences. 

It was joined by very important faces in the Biosphere, professionals that presented the outlook on the field with current data and studies, and also talked about the future of the sector.

The speakers that participated were:

  • Montserrat Daban, renowned for establishing international synergies both in the research and the scientific community scope.
  • Pere-Joan Cardona, who has marked a before and after bringing solutions against tuberculosis worldwide.
  • Marta Príncep, a reference in #entrepreneurship, technology transfer and innovation inside the life sciences sector.
  • Francesc Gòdia, a European research master in the biotechnology field management.

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