Welcoming Note from the President and Vice-President of the YEBN (2020/2021)

Dear community,

Here it comes, the 2nd Newsletter of 2020 and… Yes! We are glad to announce to you that our new European Executive Board (EB) 2020/2021 has again the maximum size of 7 team members, integrating three new talents and covering 6 nations – France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and UK. Once you finish reading these welcoming words, do not hesitate to check who the new elected EB members are; one thing is for sure, we gained more ‘bridge-builders’ inside the YEBN. Why are “bridge-builders” so important for YEBN? Because we build bridges between academia and industry to help young professionals and last year students to develop themselves and create impact in our society! It sounds great? Right? Then continue reading…

In our newsletters we aim to enrich your reading with interesting topics that wake your curiosity up and… Yes – currently wherever you look in the media, all seems to turn around the same topic, around and around, from all different angles people discuss it and everyone knows better than politicians and governments how the world should deal with it: the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. In the current issue of the newsletter, we initially planned to discuss about “Genetic engineering” and as a team we had to discuss if we would just continue and not change our main topic as if this sanitary crisis did not concern us, more than enough published about by others. What is the responsibility of young biotechnologists and bioleaders today? Where should be scientists and researchers today – isolating in their laboratories continuing as if nothing changed? For the YEBN-team, not only for the presidency, the answer was evident. WE, the biotech, bioleader and researcher community MUST be in the laboratories as well as at the very forefront of the public communications and decisions today – organising our resources and work to serve society to address one of the world’s most complex recent health issues with answers and actions, not waiting for others to do this job without and for us. And it is inside our strategy genes, our vision and mission, to create sustainable impact in our society and to help as much as we can in any way we can. This is why we unanimously changed the topic of the month to “COVID-19 pandemic: the European panorama”. The young EUROPEAN biotech network, its partners and its members raise their voice, to assist in education, reducing fake news, dissemination of european and civil society initiatives that address this crisis – sitting at home not doing anything during lockdown? Not knowing where and how to contribute to a change with your knowledge? There is so much, we can do – and we as the YEBN wish to inspire and motivate you to become active. Create your future, don’t just let it happen. Get inspired, get involved. Empower others, and make your ideas grow in collaborations with people sharing the aim of a positive social impact :).

If you have participated in any volunteer non profit activity or any initiative of your company, addressing the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, let us know and help you disseminate your projects, insights and ideas that could be useful for the rest of the network. Let us know the resources, formative sessions, webinars, mentoring, etc. you would need to succeed and how YEBN could support your needs, contact the team with the later mentioned address.  

Remote working is a topic which is new to many people these days, and normal working mode for the YEBN executive board and tasks groups for many years already. YEBN is currently preparing the yearly strategic plan for  2020/2021 with many online activities. Our network, communication and event task forces could need your support and are open for you to offer to integrate your project and activity proposals  you would wish to lead, of course with our support and teaching if needed; YEBN is especially interested in activities aiming to foster European collaborations and careers in the biotech field in Europe, in giving a voice to young bioleaders concerned by the future of the health and economy of our society. Join us now and become part of our common adventure, contact@yebn.eu to manifest your interest. 

We also want to take this opportunity to express our unlimited gratitude to all the professionals who are working everyday to help in this crisis situation with encouragement, passion and solidarity with all the people who currently are in difficulties. We also have a special thought for those who became sick and especially family and friends of patients who did not have the chance to recover. We are sending positive energy and hope to those suffering from social isolation, the lockdown and confinement  consequences. We send you a very big virtual hug and please think positive which will help to create the opportunities to better everyone’s situation. 

Please stay informed about your local authorities’ and scientists’ recommendations, consult your doctors and respect the hygiene and social barriers. Help stop the transmission, stay safe and healthy.

Your YEBN President and Vice-President 2020/2021

Ismael Ávila and Alexandra Nothnagel, 

working amazingly close, side by side, despite 1050 km on the way.