Delegate Assembly (2020-2021)

The 25th of April the YEBN held its first online Delegate Assembly with great success!

In this assembly, we discussed the general pathway and future of the YEBN, we were joined by ANBiotec, Nouvelle Génération des Biotechnologistes and AYB, and overall had a really enriching experience.
We elected the new Executive Board members and talked a bit on key strategies to keep developing the network and help reaching the SDGs proposed by the UN.
We want to thank the past board members and congratulate the new ones!
In this new board, we will have the unconditional help of Ismael Ávila, Alexandra Nothnagel, Amina Frese, Alexandre Bretel, Valentina M. Zinna, Ela Gralińska and Oriol Bárcenas.

We, as active members of society, can make a great change for the better. Acting as bridge-builders between Academia and Industry, we can help develop a sustainable and dutiful future.
We’ll keep you updated with the latest news from the network through our social media pages (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), our renewed webpage and our quarterly Newsletter (as well as special news sources like the Monthly Update, with exclusive content for YEBN members).

Overall, expect a great deal of terrific, new things coming to the YEBN! Thanks to everybody that is supporting us, and specially members, active members and partners and sponsors.
Let’s keep working forward!