Highlights of the Career Development Programme “Bio-Building yourself”!

Last Thursday was the last seminar of the Career Development Programme “Bio-Building yourself” organized by YEBN. The idea of this programme arised from the need of giving our members and scientific audience in general the opportunity to keep growing professionaly and learning how to develop their personal industrial pathway during this hard time of confinement due to the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemia.

The programme, three webinars with different approaches on how to develop your professional career, was a massive success with more than 100 participants along all the sessions. We got really nice feedback from the attendees, which encourages us to keep working towards bringing our members the best advice and resources to build their professional future. We really appreciate the feedback and encouragement we received.

One of the participants, Giulia Scapin, gave us her opinion and her experience during the programme:

“At the end of the Career Development Program “Bio-Building Yourself”, smartly organized by the YEBN Young European Biotech Network, I would like to thank Marcello Scala, Natalya Izergina and Zaki Sellam for their great presentations and suggestions. Starting from the SWOT analysis, through the critical evaluation of the challenges academic scientists face after graduation and the need to define the right strategy supported by the development of vital skills, it has been a great opportunity to understand which are tools useful in the attempt to enter in the industrial world.

Never give up searching and creating opportunities (be resilient and proactive), focusing on who we are (personal branding), what we are looking for (plans) and make us known (networking).”

Finally, we would like to thank Marcello Scala, Natalya Izergina and Zaki Sellam for their collaboration in this programme and their great advice on how to create your own professional profile and how to develop your own strategy to reach your dreamt industrial career. It was such a pleasure to count with them in these webinars.

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